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We are the only Chinese restaurant in UK specialising in the regional cuisine from Guizhou Province of China. Guizhou is located in the southwestern part of the country, with Guiyang being its capital city. Guizhou is the home to China's most famous and popular wine - Maotai Liquor, which is considered a national treasure. Like its neighbours (Sichuan and Hunan Provinces), Guizhou Cuisine tends to be on the spicy side, with its own unique favours emphasising a mixture of sour and spicy tastes, and the prevalent use of pickled vegetable.


Guizhou locals not only love their spicy food, pickles, but also delicious hotpots and noodles. We have many delectable and wholesome soup bases (these stocks take hours to cook!) for all you hotpot lovers, and a wide selection of special noodles! Though Guizhou Province might be economically undeveloped, Guizhou dishes are simply delicious, unpretentious, and full of rustic appeals, and tell a great story about its ethnically-diverse demographics!

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