“Jager Root Beer Shot Recipe – How to Make Drunk German Shots”

The Jager Root Beer Shot: A Refreshing and Intense Drink Experience

If you’re someone who enjoys a shot that combines the sweetness of root beer and the intensity of Jagermeister, then the Jager root beer shot, also known as the drunk German, is the perfect drink for you. Originating in Germany, this shot has become popular all over the world for its unique flavor and exciting buzz.

What is a Jager Root Beer Shot?

The Jager root beer shot is a combination of the popular German alcoholic beverage Jagermeister and the classic American soda root beer. Its ingredients are mixed typically in equal proportions to give drinkers the best of both worlds: the tangy sweetness of root beer and the potent punch of Jagermeister.

Refreshing but Intense

The Jager root beer shot is a unique drink experience that offers a refreshing taste with the potential for a powerful buzz. The sweetness of root beer provides a smooth and inviting entry to the drink, adding a layer of flavor and aroma to the Jagermeister, which is known for its intense herbal and bitter flavors. This combination can be surprisingly satisfying and delicious, and perfect for anyone looking for a sophisticated jolt to their taste buds.

One thing to keep in mind is that this drink can be potent. Jagermeister is a liqueur with high alcohol content, and when mixed with other high-proof drinks such as root beer, it can create an intense buzz. So, while the Jager root beer shot may offer a refreshing taste, it is best consumed in moderation.

A Unique Drinking Experience

The Jager root beer shot offers a unique drinking experience that is perfect for those looking for something new and exciting. This shot is a great way to diversify your drinking and enjoy flavors that are out of the ordinary.

Moreover, due to its unique taste sensation, this shot is becoming increasingly popular and an excellent choice for those looking for an engaging social experience with friends.


Jager root beer shot is the perfect drink for anyone looking for an exquisite and refreshing drinking sensation, as well as a powerful buzz. However, like any alcoholic beverage, it should be consumed in moderation. Overall, this intense and enjoyable drink is perfect for anyone who loves root beer and Jagermeister. Try it for yourself, and you just might find a new favorite.
jager root beer shot	aka drunk german


– 1/2 oz Jägermeister
– 1/2 oz Root Beer Schnapps


1. Chill the Jägermeister and Root Beer Schnapps in the refrigerator or freezer.
2. Once chilled, combine 1/2 oz of Jägermeister and 1/2 oz of Root Beer Schnapps in a shot glass.
3. Serve immediately and enjoy responsibly.

Ask the Chef – Tips & Tricks

Chill the Ingredients: Make sure to chill both the Jägermeister and Root Beer Schnapps in the refrigerator or freezer before mixing the shot. This will make the drink smoother and more enjoyable.
Use a Shot Glass: For this recipe, it is best to use a shot glass to ensure you get the exact measurements right.
Measure Accurately: Make sure to measure accurately when making this shot. The perfect ratio of Jägermeister and Root Beer Schnapps is crucial to the taste of the drink.
Serve Immediately: This shot should be enjoyed immediately after mixing. It is not a drink that should sit out for any period of time.
Enjoy Responsibly: As with all alcoholic beverages, make sure to enjoy this shot responsibly. Drink in moderation and never drink and drive.

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