What Can I Make with Manioc (Cassava)?

Bobo de Camarão: Bobo de Camarão is a creamy and savory Brazilian shrimp stew that is bursting with the bold flavors of coconut milk, tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro. This traditional dish is made with succulent shrimp that are gently cooked in a fragrant, spiced broth, then simmered to perfection in a rich and velvety coconut sauce. Whether served with rice or manioc flour, Bobo de Camarão is a satisfying and hearty meal that will transport your tastebuds to the vibrant streets of Brazil. Be prepared to savor every last spoonful of this comforting and enticing dish!

Pão de queijo: Indulge in the mouthwatering delights of Pão de queijo, the Brazilian cheese bread that’s taken the world by storm. These small balls of goodness, made with tapioca flour, eggs, and cheese, are a staple in Brazilian cuisine and are quickly becoming a favorite around the globe. Bursting with a sprinkle of saltiness and gooey cheese, each bite offers a unique combination of texture and taste that’s hard to resist. Enjoy them hot, warm, or cold, with a slather of butter or a dip of your favorite sauce. Perfect for breakfast, snack time, or any time, Pão de queijo will leave you wanting more.

Farofa: Farofa is a traditional Brazilian dish made from toasted manioc flour. This versatile dish can be mixed with a variety of ingredients, such as onions, bacon, parsley, nuts, and spices, to create a delicious side dish that complements a wide range of savory dishes, from grilled meats to stews and beans. Farofa’s nutty and crunchy texture adds a unique and delightful flavor to any meal. It is simple to prepare and can also be enjoyed on its own as a savory snack. Savor the taste of Brazil with Farofa – a delicious and easy way to add a touch of South American flavor to your cooking!

Coxinhas: Delight your taste buds with the Brazilian street food classic, Coxinhas! With origins dating back to the 19th century, these savory snacks are crispy on the outside and packed with a creamy, shredded chicken filling on the inside. Traditionally shaped as a teardrop, these savory bites are coated in seasoned batter and fried to golden perfection. Coxinhas are perfect as a snack, appetizer or even a meal. Savor the distinctive flavors of Brazil with Coxinhas and discover a new world of culinary experiences!

Beijú: Discover the exotic and gluten-free world of Beijú. Made from cassava flour, Beijú is a traditional Brazilian pancake that offers a satisfyingly chewy texture and a neutral, slightly nutty taste. Whether enjoyed as a savory or sweet treat, Beijú is versatile enough to be paired with a huge variety of fillings and toppings, from shredded beef and cheese to coconut flakes and condensed milk. Perfect for a quick breakfast, a light lunch, or a delightful snack, Beijú is a tasty and wholesome alternative to wheat-based dishes. Indulge in the flavors of Brazil with Beijú – the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation!

Guacamole with Cassava Chips: Add some zing to your snacking routine with Guacamole with Cassava Chips. Creamy, rich, and oh-so-satisfying, this traditional Mexican dip made from ripe avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice, pairs perfectly with crunchy and gluten-free cassava chips. Bursting with healthy monounsaturated fats, fiber, and vitamins, this guilt-free snack is perfect for dipping or spreading on crackers, veggies, or sandwiches. Whether you’re entertaining friends or just craving something delicious and wholesome, Guacamole with Cassava Chips is a surefire crowd-pleaser!

Brigadeiro de Mandioca: Experience a taste of Brazil with Brigadeiro de Mandioca! Made from grated cassava, condensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter, these bite-sized treats are a popular dessert that boast a unique flavor and texture. The cassava provides a subtle sweetness and chewiness to every bite, which is perfectly complemented by velvety, chocolatey goodness. Brigadeiro de Mandioca is a delightful treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether on its own or with a cup of coffee. Indulge in this traditional Brazilian delight and tantalize your taste buds with Brigadeiro de Mandioca!

Pudim de Mandioca: Indulge in the rich and creamy flavor of Pudim de Mandioca, a traditional Brazilian dessert made with grated cassava, milk, sugar, and eggs. This decadent pudding offers a smooth texture and a delightful sweetness, with a hint of coconut and vanilla essence that tantalizes your taste buds. Served chilled, Pudim de Mandioca is a refreshing treat that pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea. Whether you’re looking to savor a slice of cultural heritage or simply seeking a delicious dessert option, Pudim de Mandioca is the perfect choice for a touch of sweetness in your day.

Escondidinho de Carne Seca com Aipim: Indulge in the rich and savory flavors of Brazil with Escondidinho de Carne Seca com Aipim. This classic dish features tender and flavorful dried beef layered between smooth and creamy mashed cassava, and baked to perfection. Each bite offers a heavenly combination of salty, sweet, and earthy notes, making it a true delight for your taste buds. Whether enjoyed as a hearty main course or a satisfying snack, Escondidinho de Carne Seca com Aipim is a comforting and delicious way to experience the authentic flavors of Brazil. Discover the mouthwatering magic of this traditional dish today.

Manioc Fries: Indulge in the crispy and delightful taste of Manioc Fries, the ultimate gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly snack! Made from the cassava root, Manioc Fries offer a unique, earthy flavor and a texture that is both crunchy and chewy. Perfectly seasoned with sea salt and paprika, they serve as a healthier alternative to traditional french fries, while still being a crowd-pleaser with their satisfying crunch and hearty taste. They are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed as a snack, appetizer, or a side to your favorite meal. Experience the delectable taste and versatility of Manioc Fries today!

Cassava cake: Indulge in the sweet, creamy flavor of Cassava Cake, a beloved dessert that hails from the Philippines. Made with grated cassava, rich coconut milk, and condensed milk, this delectable treat features a soft, delicately textured base and a slightly crisp golden top. Cassava Cake offers a delightful interplay of flavors, with a subtle nuttiness from the cassava, a mellow sweetness from the milk, and a creaminess from the coconut. This treat is perfect for any occasion, from celebrations to everyday moments of indulgence. Treat yourself to a slice of tropical goodness with Cassava Cake!

Chipa: Experience the rich flavors and unique textures of Chipa, the traditional Paraguayan cheese bread. Made from cassava starch, cheese, eggs, and milk, Chipa is a delightful gluten-free snack that can be enjoyed on its own or alongside your favorite dishes. Baked to perfection, these golden brown goodies offer a crunchy exterior and a chewy, cheesy middle that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the sunny landscapes of South America. Whether you indulge in Chipa as a quick breakfast bite, a savory snack, or a playful appetizer, you’re sure to fall in love with its irresistible charm and warm hospitality.

Cuscuz Paulista: Cuscuz Paulista is a traditional Brazilian dish that is beloved for its unique combination of flavors and textures. Featuring a hearty base of couscous, this dish is often paired with a range of flavorful ingredients such as corn, peas, olives, and shredded chicken to create a delicious and filling meal. With its bright colors and bold flavors, Cuscuz Paulista offers a tantalizing taste of Brazil and is sure to delight food lovers looking for a tasty and satisfying meal.

Tapioca: Tapioca is a versatile starch extracted from cassava roots that is widely used in cooking and baking. It has a neutral flavor and a unique, chewy texture that adds dimension to dishes. Tapioca can be used as a thickener in soups, sauces, and desserts, and is a popular ingredient in bubble tea and pudding. It is gluten-free, low in calories, and rich in carbohydrates, making it a great alternative for people with dietary restrictions or those who are looking to diversify their diet. With its many uses and health benefits, Tapioca is a pantry staple that can bring diversity to any kitchen.