“Chef John’s Sourdough Bread Recipe: Easy Step-by-Step Guide”

Chef John’s Sourdough Bread – The Perfect Balance of Crust and Crumb

Chef John’s Sourdough Bread is a culinary masterpiece that is sure to impress even the most discerning foodies. This artisanal bread has the perfect balance of crust and crumb, with a tangy, sour flavor that is unique to sourdough bread.

A Bread with History

Sourdough bread has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations. The process of fermenting dough with wild yeast and bacteria was used to make bread before commercial yeast was available. This traditional method of bread making produces a flavorful and textured loaf that is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Chef John’s Take on Sourdough

Chef John’s Sourdough Bread uses a unique combination of ingredients and techniques that elevate this classic bread to new heights. The dough is slowly fermented, allowing the natural yeast and bacteria to develop their characteristic flavor and texture.

Chef John also adds his own twist to the recipe, incorporating different flours and grains to create a unique blend of textures and flavors. The end result is a bread that is crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Bread for All Occasions

Chef John’s Sourdough Bread is a versatile bread that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It is perfect for sandwiches, toast, or even on its own as a snack. The tangy flavor of the bread pairs well with a variety of toppings, from savory meats to sweet jams and spreads.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty sandwich or a simple snack, Chef John’s Sourdough Bread is a great choice. And because it is made using natural ingredients and traditional methods, it is a healthier choice than many commercial breads.

A Bread for the Modern Kitchen

Chef John’s Sourdough Bread is a perfect example of how traditional methods can be adapted to modern kitchens. By using natural ingredients and simple techniques, Chef John has created a bread that is both delicious and healthy – a perfect fit for today’s health-conscious foodies.

The popularity of sourdough bread is increasing, and for good reason. Not only does it taste great, but it is also a healthier choice than many commercial breads. And with Chef John’s recipe, it’s also easier than ever to make your own sourdough bread at home.

The Spoken Version of Chef John’s Sourdough Bread Recipe

If you’re new to sourdough bread or are looking for a new recipe, be sure to check out Chef John’s Sourdough Bread recipe. With detailed instructions and helpful tips, this recipe is sure to help you create the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. So what are you waiting for? Start baking today!
chef john sourdough	aka chef johns sourdough bread


– 500 grams Bread Flour
– 350 grams Filtered Water
– 10 grams Salt
– 200 grams Active Sourdough Starter


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine bread flour and filtered water. Stir together until mixture forms a shaggy dough.
2. Add the active sourdough starter to the dough and stir well to incorporate.
3. Cover the bowl with a damp towel and let the dough rise at room temperature for 30 minutes.
4. After 30 minutes, add the salt to the dough and mix by folding and stretching the dough until the salt is evenly incorporated.
5. Cover the bowl again with a damp towel and let the dough rise at room temperature for 3-4 hours. During this time, stretch and fold the dough every hour.
6. After 3-4 hours, shape the dough into a round boule and let it rise in a proofing basket or bowl lined with a floured kitchen towel for another 2 hours.
7. Preheat the oven to 475°F and place a dutch oven in the oven to preheat.
8. Carefully flip the proofed dough into the preheated dutch oven.
9. Score the top of the dough with a sharp knife or razor blade.
10. Cover the dutch oven with a lid and bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes.
11. Remove the lid from the dutch oven and bake for another 15-20 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown.
12. Remove the bread from the oven and let it cool completely on a wire rack before slicing and serving.

Ask the Chef – Tips & Tricks

Measure Accurately: For the best results, measure your ingredients accurately using a kitchen scale. Bread baking is a science, and small inaccuracies in measurements can cause a big difference in the final results.
Use Filtered Water: Use filtered water when making sourdough bread to reduce the chlorine and other chemicals that could potentially kill the sourdough starter.
Be Patient: Sourdough bread takes time, so be patient. The fermentation process is what gives sourdough bread its distinct flavor and texture, so don’t rush it.
Stretch and Fold: Stretching and folding the dough helps strengthen the gluten and give the bread structure. Do this every hour during the initial rise to get the best results.
Preheat Your Dutch Oven: Preheat your Dutch oven before placing the dough inside to ensure that the bread has a good rise and even shape.
Score the Dough: Scoring the dough allows it to expand during baking and gives the bread its signature look. Make sure to use a sharp knife and score the dough quickly but firmly to prevent deflating the dough.
Cool Completely Before Slicing: It’s important to let the bread cool completely before slicing to prevent it from becoming gummy. Patience is key when it comes to homemade bread!

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